A Letter From the Recruitment Team

Dear Potential New Members,  


Welcome to Delta Delta Delta at the University of Alabama! We are so incredibly excited to serve as this year's Vice President of Membership Experience and Director of Recruitment. Along with our recruitment team, we are in charge of educating our members on primary recruitment in order to ensure a positive experience for each of you once you get to campus in August! 


Three years ago, Emily and I were in the same place as you. While we were a little nervous, we were curious for what was to come and excited to meet new friends in a home away from home. Walking into Tri Delta each day, we were quickly introduced to some of the most genuine and effortless friendships. It was obvious to us that finding our place in Tri Delta would be easy. Even though the week of recruitment was tiring and stressful at times, walking into the Tri Delt house each day felt like a breath of fresh air. We were able to unapologetically be ourselves, and that same energy was reciprocated to us in conversation with the active members.  


As members of Tri Delta, our motto stands on the foundation of being “kind alike to all.” When you walk into the doors of our home, you will never fail to witness the generosity, thoughtfulness, and compassion of our members. While recruitment can be overwhelming at times, Emily and I want to assure you that the journey you are about to experience is going to be incredibly rewarding. So take a deep breath, have fun, and be yourself. Enjoy every minute!  


On behalf of the 405 women of Tri Delt, we are so excited to meet you in just a few short months.  


Delta Love,  

Margot Armayor, Director of Recruitment 

Emily Hayden, Vice President of Membership Experience